SHIVA Cardano Stake Pool

Welcome to SHIVA Pool.
Decentralized staking has arrived!

You can now stake your Cardano ADA coins and receive regular passive income with the security of knowing your coins have never left your wallet.

Stake your ADA using the Deadalus wallet and your coins remain fully under your control.

You will see in Daedalus that there are many pools to choose from, so why should you choose us?

  • Our servers are 100% dedicated to the Cardano Network – and we manage them 24/7. We don’t run anything else on our servers – only our Cardano nodes.
  • SHIVA pool is in one of the fastest data centers in the world – the Tier 4 Switch Datacenter AMS3 in Amsterdam, Netherlands (Guaranteed 99.995% availability)
  • We have multiple dedicated relays in another Tier 4 facility in New York, USA.
  • ¬†We use Intel Xeon CPUs and enterprise level SSD’s to achieve optimal block production.

Join us today and feel the power of SHIVA !

How to get started staking ADA?

1) Download the latest Daedalus Wallet

2) Click on Stake Pools

3) Search for SHIVA